Banishment and Abandonment is an event in which a hero is exiled for a false wrongdoing, until he or she returns to fight the enemy.

Quotes Edit

(Goofy: How'd you like to pay for that) Credit (Goofy: Got ID) Sure (Goofy: [surprise and then furious] What are you clowning me) [Weakly] What? (Goofy: [pointing to the card that is Mickey's] That ain't you) (Donald laugh weakly) (Goofy: [kicks Donald out of the snack shack] And stay out)
~ Donald gets kick out of the Snack Shack for stealing Mickey's ID Card.
(Bouncer: That's it, Meeper. You never work on this planet again!) I'll get that as a break
~ Meeper gets thrown out of the pub for accidentally electrocute the Diva singer.
(Telephone rings) (Kermit: Hello? OK. Just a second [hands the phone to the Snowths] It's for you) Mahna-Mahna
~ Mahna-Mahna quits the song number, so he can sing by himself.
~ Merlin storms off to Bermuda after a conflict with Wart.
Oh, that does it! I've had it, man-cub! From now on, you're on your own... ALONE!
~ Bagheera left Mowgli alone after a conflict with him.
(Yzma: Get them!) Hey, I've been turned into a cow. Can I go home? (Yzma: Your excuse. Anyone else) (The Other Guards: No we're good) (Yzma: Get them!)
~ The Guard decided to go home, since he's transformed into a cow.

Gallery Edit

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