~ Frank
Easy Frank.
~ Carl
Carl and Frank are two Brontotheriums, or prehistoric rhinos, and minor villains in Ice Age. Carl is voiced by Cedric the Entertainer, and Frank by Stephen Root.

They are first seen about to share a salad before Sid mindlessly stumbles upon them and messes it up, insults their intelligence, and eats their favorite part of the salad; the dandelion. This angers them to the point of wanting to kill Sid, and they chase him until they run into Manny. A fight ensues, and the rhinos are ultimatly defeated. Manny and Sid escape together, but the rhinos are still determined to kill Sid.

They are later seen again bathing in a hot mud pool and run into Sid again. They chase after him again, but he gives them the slip by having Diego pretend to kill him. The rhinos are fooled, and give up on their pursuit. 

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