Ryan's Funny Parts is the upcoming movie, with all the funny parts that made Ryan Franklin laugh.

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Plot Edit

  1. The dwarfs take the only pillow that they have that Dopey was using and it ripped to shreds and feathers scattered everywhere. Luckily, Dopey got a feather and slept on it.
  2. Carl liked George’s backpack, because blue’s his favorite color. George showed Carl his giraffe dummy, Wally. But Carl gets a panic attack and it is then revealed by Carl’s Mom that he has Asperger’s Syndrome. Then George left the room.
  3. Martin accidentally spun Koki on the Tortuga. Chris tried to tell Martin to cut the hover, because they’re no such things as flying turtles. Martin stopped and made Koki splashed into the sea and she’s really angry. Chris and Martin convince Aviva that the Tortuga looks great and awesome. But Aviva said that it’s missing something. Then Koki revealed that the Tortuga can’t swim and she angrily chased Martin. Aviva realized that Tortuga can’t swim. Martin quickly apologized to Koki and she forgives him.
  4. The gorilla was about to destroy Jack Bunny with a dynamite. Until, a voice calls out “Henry” caused the gorilla to paused. He ran and nervously shouts “Coming Mother”. He yanked by the ear by his mother and gets scold for his naughty behaviors. Jack Bunny nervously chuckled and realized that he still has a dynamite in his hand. Then the dynamite explodes and made Jack Bunny all black and states with a black voice “My, Oh My, Tattletale Grey!”
  5. The gentleman’s hat was blown by the wind and Droopy was getting it. But, Spike put a bomb in the hat to kill Droopy. Droopy give the hat to the gentleman and he reward Droopy some dollars. When, Spike sees the dollars, he push Droopy out of the way. The gentleman count the money by 5s “5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50”. Then the bomb explodes and made Spike and the gentleman black people. And the gentleman miscounted “55, 70, 95, 120, 72, 9 billion trillion, and 2 bits”.
  6. As Wakko begins to look for Yakko and Dot, the doorbell rings so he goes to answer it and the clown greets him by saying: "Happy Birthday Nice Puppy Boy!" Wakko screams in terror and slams the door in his face. The clown suggests singing a song with him to calm Wakko down but Wakko takes out a mallet and hits him over the head with it causing him to fall from the tower.
  7. Martha and her friends were scared. Then a huge, monstrous shadow outside the tent, made Martha and her friends screamed and woke Skits up. Then, The “To Be Continued” Card appeared and T.D. hate the part.
  8. The Goodfeathers arrived at the zoo and Pipsqueak pulled out a giant creature with a long nose. It trumpeted and vacuumed the Goodfeathers. Pipsqueak told the Goodfeathers to come out of the creature and he’ll eat it. Bobby and Squint told him that “This ain’t no pigeon, It’s an elephant”. Pesto said “That only elephants have vacuum snouses.” The Elephant sneezed the Goodfeathers out of his trunk and the little owl thought that the elephant was a pigeon.
  9. Centipede was hungry that he imagined that Grasshopper was cheese and wine, Earthworm was a hot dog, and even one of the seagulls was a chicken. Centipede was going to eat the seagull but, Ladybug whack him with her purse and told him “Unhand That Bird”. The seagull pulled Centipede’s Nose.
  10. After the meal, Bubble Buddy pays in "bubble-money" (which pops, and is feign money) and leaves a tip of "bubble coins" which also pops, making Squidward and Mr. Krabs mad.
  11. Bong wasn’t sleepy so he wants to play drums. But he woke up Bing, who put the pillows on the drums to make softer.
  12. Poor Miss Piggy was out of breath (and her hand got stuck on the gum). Until a man stole the purse from her and run fast as he can. Piggy wants it back so, she borrows some roller skates from a healthy man to chase the thief. The chase is on. The thief hid behind a stone and took things out of Piggy’s purse. Then Piggy pounced on him and punched him. Until an officer shows up and arrest the thief.
  13. Mother Penguin was licking her popsicle. She asked Pingu to have a taste. But Pingu ate half of Mother Penguin’s popsicle.
  14. Beast heard strange noise that he was so scared, he tried to hide in Hamilton’s sleeping bag. But the sleeping bag got ripped and he thought he heard a bear.
  15. Hubie accidentally told a lie to Rocko and made Rocko very enraged. Hubie tried to apologize, but Rocko angrily throw Hubie and himself in the green mud. He continues yells at Hubie for the terrible things that he have been. Until Hubie made a gross noise and made Rocko laugh and him too (roll in the mud).
  16. Bellboy Donald sees Gentleman Pete in the half suitcase. Gentleman Pete said If the suitcase is his. Donald said “Yes”. Pete grab Donald and said “Yours”. Donald said “Yes” and Pete tore Donald’s Bellboy uniform.
  17. Ranger Smith was checking things, until he spots Ranger Mortimer with a moose. He told him to guard the truck. Mortimer told him that saw the Easter Bunny that wears a green hat. Smith then realized that the Easter Bunny was Yogi Bear. But too late Yogi ate all the candy from the truck. He began to chase that bear. But Yogi accidentally destroy the Bunny Suit. The furious Smith began chase and tried to clobber Yogi through the river, log pile, sawmill, and finally the Easter Show (they sneak away from the audience).
  18. The commercial where Fritz and Hans stole the pies from the windows shale. After they ate the pies, their tummies are sore and found by Captain and Inspector. They yanked by the ears and ready to spank them. Until The Mother brought Fritz and Hans, Pepto Bismol to make the tummy aches go away. Fritz and Hans learned their lesson, but Captain and Inspector spank them. Thanks to the Mother for the Pepto Bismol.
  19. Chirp saw Quack eating her acorn collection. She ran to Quack and told him what he’s doing. Quack told her he has the acorn collection, that were eaten by a duck.
  20. Lionel told Leona that she’s the goat. She did the role by trip-trap over the bridge. Until the sky became darker and it rumble. Then a monster rises up and said “Who is that Tripping over, My Bridge”. That made Leona screamed, so did the Duck Usher. Theo and Cleo convince Leona that is just Click as the Troll. Lionel was disappointed that his play was ruined because of Leona.
  21. Barney Bear was playing the gag with Willie Wildcat. Willie was the bad guy and he connected the train track to the real train track and the real train comes, which run over Barney.
  22. Sylvester was attempts a Western-style showdown with Tweety. After being shot by a pop-gun, Sylvester gets the upper hand, but before he can consume his prize, Granny shoots a plunger over his mouth, and declares, "You didn't count on Pocahontas, did you, Geronimo?"
  23. As the King tells Gabby to get back to his mail job, the man arrives to shoot the king; they argue over which is the king, and Gabby runs off just as there's an explosion of flash powder; the man was a photographer, and the photo isn't at all flattering.
  24. Gourmand, at first, tries to stand up to the honey badgers, but one of the honey badger releases its odors on both him and Zach. Honey badgers lick the dough off of Chris and Aviva’s arms. Then one of the honey badgers scares Gourmand, who runs screaming, immediately folds his restaurant, and drives off along with Zach.
  25. The Reluctant Dragon choosing the food for the boy and the man. He check the jam sandwich and didn’t remember the man’s name. The boy said that the man’s name is Sir Giles. But the “dragon killer” word made the dragon angrily puts away the picnic food. Sir Giles is about to eat the jam sandwich but the dragon snatched, swept the dust, and puts it away.
  26. Donald was ready to check out. Goofy needs Donald’s I.D. But Goofy was furious that the I.D. belongs to Mickey, not Donald. So he kicks Donald out of his Seaside Grill. Mickey found and puts on the clothes (even Donald’s clothes). Daisy and Minnie found Mickey and he said “Care for a picnic”.
  27. Chris and Martin activates cheetah powers and raced to the Tortuga. As Koki picked up some destroyed badminton birdies. The Kratt Brothers crashed right into the Tortuga.
  28. Popeye’s nephews got away and sniffed the smell and found a peach pie. They got the pie but, Olive snatched the pie, because this pie is for Popeye’s dinner.
  29. The duke told the truth to the king that the girl got away. The king furiously tried to chop the duke with a sword. But, the things that he chop was a cigar, the chair, and the table with the golden box. The king and the duke are bounced on the bed and explain the situation about the glass slipper. The king kissed the slipper and chopped the chandelier and crashed into the bed.
  30. Martha tried to eat the pizza, but caught by Helen.
  31. SpongeBob sees the wanted poster for himself and realized that he’s the maniac and police arrived to arrest him and Mrs. Puff appeared and was angry at him for what he did. She explaions the police the situation, saying that he is her responsibility. The police were shocked and glare at Mrs. Puff (ready to arrest her).
  32. Jimmy Squirrel had a nightmare that he was chased by a turtle monster. Barney saved him and the monster bit his finger. Barney told Jimmy to go back to sleep, but he can’t because of the monster.
  33. Mr. Krabs found SpongeBob and Patrick that they were playing hooky with the hooks. He managed to rescued them, but too late. As Mr. Krabs sobs, SpongeBob and Patrick floated back down and he’s now angry at SpongeBob for disobeyed him. Patrick then told that the hook was a ride that they went up and up and gently float down. But Mr. Krabs warn them if they don’t flow back down, they’ll end up in a Gift Shop and even worse, they ended up vacuum-pet in a can of tuna with a smell of mayonnaise. SpongeBob and Patrick promised never play hooky again and said the pledge (as Mr. Krabs got poke by a hook) and they got out of the forest of hooks.
  34. The wolf sneezed in Baby Bear’s bed made the Three Bears shouted “Robbers” and hide under the table. Papa Bear suggests to find out who’s the robber, Papa chuckled to the viewer that he know it’s Goldilocks because, he read the book. He went to their bedroom and chuckled “Come Out of here, You Little Rascal”. But he found out that the robber was the wolf. He stammered at the Wolf and skedaddled, along with Mama Bear and Baby Bear.
  35. Piglet was snoozing, until he splattered his face by a bowl of oatmeal, then he realized that there’s food in his bed. The carpet rolled and Tigger bounced to Piglet’s bed. Piglet didn’t know that Tigger had gone so much trouble and Tigger put the food in the closet because there is no trouble at all. Piglet suggests that he tried to start cleaning up his house, but Tigger suggests that cleaning house is servant’s work. So he mopped (knocks things) and got slipped, bumped into Piglet, and crashed.
  36. Pizza Steve was tuning his guitar until, his idea was worst because, if he played the guitar so loud that it could set it and Uncle Grandpa on fire. Uncle G. ran through the RV and found a puddle and splashed in. Pizza Steve wonders if Uncle G. is okay. Uncle G. said “Pizza Steve, How Could You”, and then he glared and said “I’ve lost all respect for you”.
  37. Ziggy smelled the candies and he likes them. He pick the candies, and then a toolbox of candy appeared on the pulley elevator. Ziggy fail for them, and then it pulled by Stingy. He wants Ziggy to play. Ziggy knew it was his selfish trick. Then Stingy threatened him that If Ziggy won’t play with him then, not the other kids, He can have the candies. But Ziggy said that the kids are his friends. So Stingy angrily pulled Ziggy down and shout him “And Don’t Come Back, This Treehouse is Mine!” But the handle breaks and cause it crashed. Ziggy is okay, but Stingy shooed him away and throw the torn picture and shout “And Take Your Friends With You”.
  38. Koki and Aviva didn’t like the idea so they go first by odds or evens. But when Koki won, Aviva doesn't feel lucky and turns on the machine, but it’s out of control and made her splashed in the ocean. She pop out of the ocean and yelled “I Told You That”.
  39. Beaky Buzzard was trying to sneak up to catch Bugs Bunny. But a woman comes out of the hole and said “You Naughty, Naughty Boy”. Beaky chuckled and blushed. Then the woman was really Bugs and smack that blushy bird with a towel.
  40. A rabbit was looking and then he saw a turtle and shout at his gang “Hey Yous Guys Here Comes the Turtle”. The rabbit mob looked gangstered and tricked and attacked Bugs (thinking that he’s a turtle). Cecil (in a rabbit costume) sees Bugs and crunching a carrot and went off to a race. While the rabbits cheer for him, Bugs sees the smarty turtle and rush to the race and runs from the bullets from the uzi of the rabbit gangster.
  41. Bugs Bunny went to the first stop to be an Easter Bunny. He showed the kid an egg, but that kid was a dangerous kid and he splat the egg, bite his leg, and wrestle him. Bugs tried to teach the kid a lesson. But he cried to his parents that he broke little arm. Bugs tried to keep the kid quiet but, his parents shows up with their guns. Bugs scurried out the door and the kid’s parents shoot at him and wrote the door “And Stay Out”.
  42. Mickey was eating his sandwich, until he caught Donald with a meat cleaver to kill the cow so he can have steak. Then Mickey and Goofy saved their precious bovine. As they hold the hungry duck with a stick.
  43. Frank accidentally kicks the keys off the top of the box. He was getting the keys but caught by Joanna and the chase is on. The scaredy lizard left the keys to Cody, who unlocked the cage and got free. Frank was trapped by McLeach’s rifle and caused Joanna to shoot and launched herself in the create and Frank is okay.
  44. Claude managed to kill Frisky, he thinks he find Frisky in the heater vent but he uses a plunger and BOOM it wreck the house. Claude’s owners came back and they were angry at him. Claude tries to explain, but his master kicks him out of the house with a “And Stay Out!”
  45. Rhonda Rat interviews a brightly-colored snake to know the answer. But it doesn’t know the answer, so Rhonda has the snake go down a Trap Door.
  46. Yves St. La Roache was showing the viewers “How to Feed a Giraffe with a pulley”.
  47. Frog and Toad were wandering through forest and they were scared until, they saw a spider and they ran from it. They quickly hide inside the cave for shelter. But a snake lives there and wants to eat Frog and Toad. The chase is on, and they tied the snake in a knot and they ran away.
  48. Truman is trying to teach Milo how to read by moving his mouth, but that caused Lilly to growled and bark at him.
  49. Squidward is trying to sneak into the Patty Vault. Until, SpongeBob was in the Krusty Krab at 3 am. Squidward was nervous and SpongeBob saw a Krabby Patty in Squidward’s hand. He smiled at Squidward and he thinks that he likes Krabby Patties. Squidward jumped in the Patty Vault, admitted that he love Krabby Patties, and ate 1000 Krabby Patties. SpongeBob warns him that if he eat many Krabby Patties at one at a time, because it’ll go right to his thighs, blew up, and get send to the hospital.
  50. Tortoise arrived at the Feast of the Heavens, he greedily ate all the feast and didn’t save some for the birds. As he sleep, Eagle and the birds arrived at the heavens and saw the distressed that Tortoise ate everything. Eagle and the birds saw Tortoise snoozing. That tortoise woke up and told the truth. Eagle commands the birds to pluck of Tortoise’s feathers and they did.
  51. The White Rabbit went to the tea party and was in a rush. But The Mad Hatter yanked the watch and thinks that it was Two Days Slow. He dipped it in tea and look inside it (spilled some salt) and pluck some wheels, gears, and springs from the watch, made the Rabbit worried. Mad Hatter and March Hare add butter, tea, two spoons, jam, mustard (which is rejected), and a squirt of lemon. They close the lid and the watch is completely mad and made the March Hare smashed the watch and brings the tears to the Rabbit. An “Unbirthday” word from the Rabbit appeared and they sang an Unbirthday song to the Rabbit and swung him out of the Tea Party.
  52. Mitzi sees Frank and Buster helping Penny knitting a scarf. But when she dropped her sandal and tangled in Penny’s yarn, Penny’s scarf was gone.
  53. The cat was dressed as Bugs Bunny to escape the clutches of a male skunk (Pepe Le Pew). But the skunk knows it was him in the costume and the cat ran away.
  54. Donald marched his nephews to school. Until they stop and read the sign on the door “Notice: School Closed for Summer Holiday”. The nephews glare at Donald and made him shrink the size of a bug.
  55. Mr. Krabs made a movie cinema. So he get the penny from SpongeBob. But (1) The people didn’t believe the movies and (2) SpongeBob doesn't have it, that made Mr. Krabs demolished the cinema.
  56. Coyote made a bomb to trap Bugs and he then selects Rabbit and it flies towards Bugs’ hole. Bugs disguise himself as a chicken to fool the bomb. Then, he wrote the word “Coyote” on it, selects, and it speeds back to Coyote’s home and destroy the whole mountain into smithereens.
  57. Yves St. La Roache was showing the viewers “How to Feed the Big Animals with Big Food”
  58. Beast wants to get Hamilton out of the box by shaking the box. He apologized to Hamilton but, he was mad at Beast for ruining his 7-layer cake and went back to his box.
  59. While walking with Arthur, George imagines himself as a giant, muscular, green monster angrily ripping off and burned the jacket with his fire breath. When Arthur asks for the time, George angrily states “Get Your Own Watch!” He realizes it was just Arthur.
  60. Tom forced Jerry to turn on the music to play for her girlfriend “Look Me Up in Texas”. Jerry mess things up with the speed and the slow that made Tom do the speed and slow mode, and he whacked Jerry with a guitar. Tom was on a regular mode and Jerry teaches him a lesson with a hot Branding iron and shoot Tom, which made him splashed in the water.
  61. Bugs was reading a book “How to Cook a Duck” and Daffy was reading “How to Cook a Rabbit”. But Elmer said that he’s a vegetarian and he’s hunt for the city’s sports. Daffy wants tennis, Elmer then shoots him and chase him and Bugs. Bugs and Daffy went to Bugs’ hole for shelter. Bugs told Elmer that he should be a shame “Hunting Rabbits with an Elephant Gun”. And he told him to shoot an Elephant. Then a real Elephant showed up and whacked Elmer on the ground.
  62. Tigger and Rabbit were at the Apple Orchard. He plucked all the apples from the trees and tricked Rabbit that there’s a worm in the apple (which made Rabbit launched). Tigger teased Rabbit that “You can run from Bad Luck, But you can’t hide”.
  63. Abner finds an old lady thinking, that she’s Miss Glory. But as she snoots on,  Abner step on the train of her dress, causing the dress to be torn into shreds. She hid behind the plant pot and pick up some leaves and did the fan dance.
  64. Miss Piggy is aghast, as she spies Kermit peeking at his fellow hula dancers' swaying grass skirts and begins chasing and karate chopping her frog, while hip-bopping the two grass-skirt girls out of the way.
  65. Grover brought a cow because, there's no fresher milk than straight from a cow, so Grover begins milking one. The cow gulps down Johnson's coffee (Grover and Johnson didn’t notice) and the caffeine sends her into an excitable rampage (and she began to chase Mr. Johnson).
  66. Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s prank is swapping the turkey dinner into a live turkey bird. In Christmas Dinner, the turkey run on the dinner table and got chased by an angered Donald and made a wreck all over the house. Finally the chimney, The Turkey got launched and dressed as Santa Claus.
  67. Beast was playing with the vacuum cleaner and vaccum Hamilton’s crayons. Hamilton stop Beast, Then Beast’s spot got sucked by the vacuum cleaner. Maggie turn off and the vacuum got under controlled (like a horse ride). Then smoke screens and dust fell everywhere.
  68. Tom was now injured because of Jerry. Until he found the chapter of the book called Mice are Suckers for Dames. He set a wind-up toy to trap Jerry. Tom attempts to lure Jerry into a mouse-sized "hotel," the door of which leads into Tom's open mouth, but to Tom's dismay, Jerry ushers the mechanical mouse into the hotel first, which Tom swallows. He repeatedly hiccups, an angered Tom looks at his decrepit teeth in a mirror and tears the book.
  69. Jerry goes outside, until Butch shows up and captures him for his lunch. Then Tom save him from the jaws of the alley cat. Butch then suddenly realizes that Tom and Jerry are now friends, so he screams and knocks himself silly with a brick.
  70. Sylvester was trying to eat the mouse, but got caught by Sam, who was tied in the mattress.
  71. Popeye’s Nephews launched a big firework, it zoomed right into Popeye’s house. When Popeye sees this, he rescues his house.
  72. Boris was beginning to woo Stella, but she flew away because, Muk and Luk. The polar bear brothers annoyed and pounce on their uncle.
  73. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward were glad to be back at home. But they were wrong, they were in the Flying Dutchman’s blender (they were fruit) and they got chased by the Flying Dutchman (as a hippie).
  74. Martin (in Wolf powers) was running to the race. Until he was blocked by a herd of bison. Aviva (in Thomson’s Gazelle power) was passing through and Martin ran through.
  75. Mowgli had a nightmare that he was chased by Shere Khan. He ran on the cliff. But Shere Khan slipped and fall to his death. Mowgli wakes up.
  76. Tom manages to get Jerry into his clutches, hiding from the brutish hunter. The hunter finds him, but as he threatens him, they spot a rhinoceros in front of them, and it charges at them. As the hunter prepares to shoot, Tom hides Jerry in the elephant's trunk, scaring it and causing it to run off. All three then try to run from the rhinoceros, who pokes them with his horn and launches them into the air, and they land on a tree branch, which then snaps and causes them to fall on top of the rhinoceros.
  77. Prince John was upset that Robin Hood was alive. Sir Hiss told him that he tried to warn him but, he didn’t listened and his traps never work. He said that his mother’s castle was on fire. Prince John missed his mom and furiously beat his snake servant with a stick and calls him names. Sir Hiss screamed in the hall “He’s Gone Stark Raving Mad”.
  78. The commercial where the Gingerbread Dad was rebuilding the roof until, his son and his friends appeared and ask him if he wants an AT&T Go phone this year. The dad wished that people would stop eating the house and he gave the phone to his son. But, a giant hand rip the part of the roof where the Gingerbread Woman screamed in the bathtub and the Dad yelled at the hand “C’mon Man, It’s the holidays”.
  79. Donald was finishing putting the coins in his nephews’ piggy bank. But he wants the coins back and tries to shake it. But caught by his nephews and the whining begins.
  80. Sam Eagle presents Wayne sawing Wanda in half.
  81. Mickey uses a booby pin to unlock the door, but he unlocked many doors, until he reached to the bathroom where Clarabelle Cow is taking a bath.
  82. Marc Anthony sees the kitten in the toy car and it drives the car. Its head to his mistress. Marc Anthony save the kitten but, he grab the mistress's leg. She prepares to scold Marc Anthony. Marc Anthony lied to his mistress that the kitten was a power fluff and he dance.
  83. The otters attempt to help Duck dig a moat for her castle, but they end up getting sand all over Duck instead.
  84. Tom send a dynamite on a paper airplane to Jerry. But, the mouse blows the plane and land to Tom. It explodes and made Tom had a black face.
  85. Mickey and Donald were heading home, until they bumped into Mortimer Mouse and woos Mickey (thinking that he’s Minnie). But when Mickey yelled, Mortimer knows it was Mickey and he’s going to clobber him. Mickey yelled Help and Chief O’Hara heard help, save Mickey (thinking that he’s Minnie), and teaches Mortimer a lesson.
  86. Marc Anthony was thinking how to make Pussyfoot catch mice. Until Pussyfoot came to the mouse hole and a note from the mouse said If Marc Anthony doesn't give the mouse some cheese he’ll beat the kitten up. Mouse faking that he was beating up Pussyfoot and Pussyfoot was okay drinking milk. Marc Anthony was saving Pussyfoot by giving some cheese to the mouse, but got caught and spanked by his master.
  87. Duck, Little Bear, and the ducklings went to see Cat, but he’s asleep. Finally, he woke up and found ducklings crawl on him and sound like frogs and owls. Duck ask Cat If he has her quack. But he said that cats meow. Duck said it’s worse than terrible. One of the ducklings bite Cat’s tail and caused him to meow. The ducklings meowed like cats.
  88. Chica found a clue, Lady Kelly went to door. Professor Bunji scared Chica and she chats to Professor Bunji about the missing necklace. The chase is on. Finally they went to the broom closet and it was the Butler who stole the necklace, because he use it as a lamp string.
  89. The Inspector is trying to capture the spider by climbing up the building wall with some plungers. But, the spider opened the window and Inspector went in the room and whacked by the woman for being a Peeping Tom.
  90. The razor shaved Sam's beard. Sam claimed it took him 20 years for the beard. He cries and gets kicked out.
  91. When the skunks lure for the meal, Koki tried to sneak into the Tortuga. But got scared by a scorpion, which made her trip and get skunked by the skunks. Then they see a skunk munching a scorpion.
  92. Webby McQuack was showing Genie about tea parties. Genie says that the stuffed animals are liveless. That made Webby an idea, she wished that her stuffed animals have come to life and it did. But it’s a zoo and the animals wrestle Genie with a plate of cookies.
  93. The Monkey Witch cackled and threw her hat. But she saw a stranger and she ran to the Monkey friends and they were scared. The stranger turns out to be Stan the Stage Manager, who tried forced the monkeys to get off the stage, because they’re having a show tonight. But the monkeys mimicking Stan.
  94. Owl was reading “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Until Giant Little Bear appeared and scared Owl because, he thinks that Giant Little Bear was the giant from his story.
  95. Rhonda Rat interviews a gnu to answer the question but it doesn’t know the answer, so Rhonda has the gnu go down a Trap Door.
  96. Tom finally got rid of Jerry. He found his rich breakfast but, Jerry appeared and ate all his breakfast. Tom was so furious, that he rip the “Even a Mouse” sign. And begins to throw away his million dollars. But he’s happy that he chased Jerry.
  97. Tom was trying to remove the dynamite from Spike. But Spike awoke and growled at him. The dynamite exploded and he begin to clobber Tom.
  98. Mordecai and Rigby went back and told the patient Benson that his Sandwich is burned. Rigby and Mordecai finally told the truth. Benson knew that he believes them.
  99. The Commercial where the Zebra was standing on the rock near by the river, she puts on her make up, as the Crocodile was going to eat her. When the zebra came to the water, the Croc tackled her. But the Zebra came out of the water and revealed that she turn the croc into a purse.
  100. Snuffy got the orders for the animals and served them. However, the tiger greedily ate all the food that caused, the monkey and the penguin to eat him. The zookeeper wished that she takes the animals to the movies.
  101. It was Beast’s turn, Maggie moved his for him, and he won but, Hamilton was upset that he lost the game.
  102. Benson finds out the duo can't be trusted, but says that Pops was able to get a spare cake just in case. Then, Mordecai and Rigby each help themselves to a slice, but unfortunately for the duo, the cake is vanilla with chocolate frosting, which they were not looking for.
  103. Armstrong was watching TV about chickens but, Ollie came along and interrupt his TV Time.
  104. The man snoots away but, bumped into Sam-I-Am and the car. He convince to make the man eat Green Eggs and Ham. But ran into the tree still convince. So he jumped to a train and yelled at Sam that he doesn't like Green Eggs and Ham.
  105. After this episode's Habitat Time, Lawrence the Orangutan delivers a box of Chawky Hawkies to Armstrong, but it turned out that Kiki the Rattlesnake actually at all of Armstrong's Chawky Hawkies.
  106. Fozzie Bear tries to tell a joke about a very fat pig, but Miss Piggy shows up to teach him a lesson.
  107. Yves was showing the viewers about a baboon’s fleas, but he got fleas all over him.
  108. Egghead again was teasing a lion, but caught by the narrator, who found Egghead hiding behind the tree and he said “I’m a bad boy”.
  109. Sneedly needs to find Chilly Willy to get off of the cruise. He found Chilly in the restaurant and chase him. He got something with the tube but he got the Captain, who took the stickers off. Chilly kicks Sneedly’s bum, But as Sneedly warned him. The Captain shows up and did the same thing.
  110. When Mr. Knox has had it with waiting in lines and visiting different service windows, he causes havoc by removing the Travel Poobah’s official pin and places it on a Wichersham and appoints him in charge. The monkeys through the whole Travel Center into disarray and the Travel Poobah is tied up.
  111. Rhonda Rat interviews a bird to answer the question and it doesn’t know the answer, so Rhonda has the bird go down a Trap Door.
  112. At the movie theater, Ernie makes some loud noises while he eats his candy bar and peanuts and drinks his soda. Bert loses his temper and shouts at Ernie to be quiet, at which point the usher enters and throws Bert out.
  113. Now that every animal has what they want for dinner, Chris has them all begin the quiet meal, which turns out to be anything but quiet.
  114. Tigger sees some pumpkins and began decorating them to make them scary. But (1) they frightened Piglet and (2) Rabbit told him not to because he has pumpkins to protected.
  115. A gag shows that Gary was putting the sandwiches. Until he accidentally put a cat on the sandwich. He must know that can’t eat cats.
  116. Sarah and James are safe from the british but, her dress is wet and a green frog jump out from her petticoat.
  117. Brer Bear was reading his book upside-down. He finds Brer Fox chasing the crows away from the Peanut Patch. Brer Fox release Brer Bear and he fell on him.
  118. Henry laughs at the book until, Chicken Pie shows up and he tried to call Herman. But he didn’t appeared. Chicken Pie chased Henry, but that rooster put a mouse costume and scare away Chicken Pie. But he got chase by a cat.
  119. Ziggy was scared in tent. He sees something coming in. It was a dinosaur (Robbie Rotten) that made him panicked. The dinosaur told him “Just Sit Down and Talk about this”. He was looking for Sporticus, Ziggy still got scared that he stab the dinosaur with a staff and he got away.
  120. Bong sees Bing decorating the table and pass outs the party favors. He pounced on the table as Bing blew his noise maker. Bong wants to blow his Noise maker but, it explodes.
  121. Charlie can’t wait to blow the candles in the birthday cake. But Lola blows the candles made Charlie very furious.
  122. George and Junior uses a worm suit to catch the hen for their dinner. When George uses the Worm Suit, he got chased by the hen. The hen captures George, and he screamed “Junior”. But too late, George got eaten alive by the hen made Junior making the hen to get back George and scared away the hen and left a egg. The egg turns out to be George (The worm mask hop off) and he was mad at Junior and kick his butt.
  123. Pinocchio was curious about the fire. But that made Geppetto worried and he must find water (he didn’t get attention from Jiminy). So, he uses Cleo’s water to get rid of the fire (which made Cleo black and cough).
  124. The sleepy dog is injured because of the rabbit. In fact, the rabbit decides to use the phone and the phone chatterboxes at the dog. That cause the dog so furious, that he began to strangle the phone and it screamed and fainted. The dog puts the phone away and went back to bed.
  125. Gobo needs to find a way to sneak to the Gorg’s Garden without Junior seeing him. But Junior caught Gobo and he managed to catch him. Gobo ran away as Junior yells at him.
  126. Aviva wants Jimmy to test the glowing chemical, but when Jimmy try this, it explodes and made Jimmy’s hair turn green.
  127. Beaky got a little bee. But stung by a mama bee. Then he cools his bum, until he found a short creature and he decided to grab and eat him. But the short creature turns out to be a giant ferocious green dragon. The dragon chases and beats up Beaky.
  128. Hamilton wants to dance but steps on Maggie’s foot and Beast tells him to be careful.
  129. Baloo was eating a watermelon, a snake then appeared and frighten him, so did Bagheera. But it turns out to be Mowgli with Kaa’s old skin. Baloo didn’t like Mowgli’s prank.
  130. The crows laughed at the costumes and decided to sneak up and pluck one of Aunt Authelia’s tail feathers. But that made her whack the crows with her purse. The crows take off in a rush, off to some other party no doubt.
  131. Phoebe the Koala found a rock, that she thinks it's a surfboard. But she fell and the rock turns out to be a grumpy platypus.
  132. At the Costume Party, Jimmy Z dressed as himself, strapped on a bean bag on his back. When he sees the shadows of the eight-eyed monster, which only turns out to be The Kratt Brothers in Raccoon Powers, The New Berry Berry Cake is missing and revealed (by Fairy Princess Aviva) that Martin stole it and took a bite.
  133. At the castle, Witch Hazel and Bugs run into each other and they have a little laughing contest, then Bugs runs up a tall tower, She's on her broomstick, but goes backwards, Witch Hazel says that she had the silly thing in reverse. Then she flies up to the tower saids in baby talk "Hello," were Bugs gives her a heavy weight and saids goodbye. As the witch falls down with it, she cries out "Good Grief!" then Bugs says, "Good riddance."
  134. Tom gives the Persian cat a tray of refreshments, but when Tom offers her a tray of sweets, Jerry reaches down and pulls the handle of the chair, which makes the Persian cat and Tom both fall, she in back, and Tom in front. As a result, when Tom wipes his face bothers the cat blind, twice her tray, leaving bell-shaped.
  135. Bugs is trying to watch TV, but gets static interference on the screen instead. Hearing a buzzing noise in the bathroom. Bugs peeks inside, and finds Finster is in the bathroom shaving himself, smoking a cigar, and wearing a tattoo (labeled Maisie, Singapore, 1932), something which starts to disturb Bugs.
  136. Bugs plays the “Minute-Waltz” on the piano. But Mr. Hyde came along and scare Bugs. He said to Mr. Hyde “You… are a mental case!” (thinking that he’s sick). He calls out Doctor but he got chased by Mr. Hyde (because he’s trying to kill Bugs). When he turned into Dr. Jekyll, Bugs found him and find that monster. Bugs saw Mr. Hyde and he grab him by the tail. Mr. Hyde turns back into Dr. Jekyll and Bugs found him.
  137. Aviva found Chris (in opossum powers) with a boulder inside his pouch and she soon got an idea, that she should builds a Newton's cradle. She releases a boulder, causing the boulder inside of Chris's pouch to fall out.
  138. Bugs went to the old tower and met an old warlock named Merlin. He turns Bugs into a pig but, he simply unzips the "costume" into his normal self. He later tricks the warlock into becoming a mule. Merlin tries hard to change himself back to normal by also "unzipping", but only ends up with the same mule appearance, and continues to unzip the same costume no matter how many times he unzips the costume, until he fails.
  139. Rhonda Rat interview Jasper the Jaguar to answer the question and he doesn’t know the answer, so Rhonda has Jasper go down a Trap Door.
  140. Anna sees her new bedroom and finds the girls unpacking their clothes. The girls look at her gown and thinks that she wore a tent.
  141. The mayor was angry at Gabby for ruin his camp life. Gabby suggests that he should make a hammock. The trees turns out to be a moose and it chases the Mayor.
  142. Yves was showing the viewers “How Eat Food with Antlers”.
  143. Frosty and the kids are stopped by the Traffic Cop. But Frosty doesn’t know such things. Karen convince him that he comes to life and doesn’t know such things. So the Traffic Cop let them go, but he then realized that Frosty’s the only snowman that comes to life. He was so surprise that he swallowed his whistle.
  144. Rabbit was seeing what’s going on. He saw Tigger slaving everyone in the Hundred Acre Wood. Tigger wants everyone to make Tiggeropolis but, when Gopher ask him why he wants the kingdom. Tigger uses a trick: A jagular (Rabbit’s tablecloth and cushion). Rabbit realized that Tigger stole his things without asking and saw him fighting it and put it in the cage. So, Rabbit decides to teach the bossy Tigger king a lesson.
  145. Rat and Mole put Toad (still mimicking like a motor car) in his bedroom, took off his clothes, splash him with water (to stop being a motor car), and lock the door, so he wouldn’t escape. That made Toad throws a tantrum.
  146. The commercial where the fearsome witch (with a scary laugh) was testing to fly in a broomstick at night, but has a bad eyesight, which keeps crashing into the trees.
  147. The commercial where Miss Piggy hosting a picnic for Fozzie, Gonzo, Rowlf and Animal, who disapproves of drinking water. Kermit comes in with a pitcher of tea, singing a variation of his "Be More Tea" serenade.
  148. Sylvester was trying to trap Speedy, but he trap a big hyena, who scratched up the cat.
  149. After the story, Jake wants Stinky to have his old glasses back. But Stinky just sat on them and breaks it.
  150. Jerry, having successfully ridden Tom off the ship again, walks along the edge of the deck playing his ukulele, but Tom, now really furious, pokes his head up and chases him, Jerry runs to a door to the ship's basement and Tom follows behind. The cat places a stick of dynamite and waits, but upon hearing no explosion, he checks inside only for the mouse to kick him in with the door locked. Tom yells for help but the dynamite explodes, the broken door revealing the dazed and blacked feline covered with ashes.
  151. Tutu was forced to guard Lucy. But got bugged by a bee, so she drag Lucy near the water. But got bugged by a bee again made Tutu very angry that she bark at the bee and accidentally splash Lucy in the water.
  152. Sly the Crocodile wants Stinky to take a close-view of his teeth.
  153. Spike was trying to catch the gopher in the pepper patch. When the gopher ate one, Spike investigated but then he became hot.
  154. When Travis the African Buffalo was introduced, he uses his horns, cut the trap, and freed Stinky and Jake.
  155. In Deer Season, a musical man got shooted by a goofy man who got shooted by a hunter.
  156. Gourmand is sneaking in the Tortuga to re-capture the raptors. He went to the dark room and capture one and turns out to be Aviva’s Guineafowl flapper. Aviva then traps him in a large bag. She activates the Guineafowl Flappers, sent Gourmand to Raptor-less Antarctica.
  157. The man ordered a T-Bone Steak, Poached Egg on Toast, and a cup of Coffee. Porky got the order and shape the steak into a T shape. When he tried to cook it, the steak became miniature. Porky had promised the man. So he made a fried egg on toast and a cup of coffee. The man swallow the coffee and he was jiggly.
  158. Frankie Yakovic was the first act put on by Gonzo and Rizzo in a desperate last-ditch attempt to keep the ratings above fifty. He failed to impress, and was yanked off-stage by a giant hook within seconds.
  159. Mysto's plan comes to an end when Poochini spots his wig falling off. Now set for revenge of his own, Poochini grabs the hairpiece and puts it on while Mysto makes a run for it, but Poochini, having also grabbed the magic wand, transforms Mysto up to the stage and unleashes the same gimmicks on the hapless magician at high speed. A red curtain with the words "The End" then falls on the magician and the rabbits (at the end of the Hawaiian singer shtick).
  160. Big Heel Watha spots a squirrel and decided to kill it. But Screwy was alive and tells him that he needs a ration book to get meat. Good Thing Watha got the book. But Screwy rips the book into smithereens. Watha began so mad that he began to scream (he did a little scream).
  161. Charlie was eating his breakfast. Until Lola shows up dressed as a cat and Charlie said “Oh No”.
  162. Speedy hid behind the Chili Pepper Store, so Sylvester wouldn’t find him. Sylvester ate one of the peppers and become spicy and got a drink of water. But another bite of the pepper, made Sylvester drink the jug of Tabasco Sauce and launched into the air and explode like a firework.
  163. Ed, Oly, and Waddle were about to go to the stage. But Drill Sergeant said that the passes are fake and excluded them. The girls snooted away.
  164. Charlie wants Lola to try Chimps and Cheetahs. Then Lola saw the girl with the book called “Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflies”. That made her exclaiming and land upside-down like a beetle (as Charlie trying to shush her).
  165. The kitten almost got trap by the bulldog. But luckily, she blow the whistle and Blackie dance the Russian. The bulldog wants to have the good luck by throwing horseshoes, but 3 horseshoes and a horse landed on him.
  166. Screwy was going to whack Meathead with a baseball bat. Until he saw the Wolf chasing Little Red Riding Hood. He stops the wolf and tells him that he was in the wrong picture. He shows him that the cartoon was “The Screwy Truant with Screwy Squirrel”. Then the argument cause them to shrink.
  167. The beaver finally finished the construction, but Barney wants to help. The beaver tried to warn him, but Barney tied the beaver on the tree. He timbered many trees and built the biggest dam of all. He free the beaver.
  168. The rat was complaining that she wants her wedge of cheese. So Super Grover 2.0 give it to her, but the door kicks him and drop the cheese. Super Grover 2.0 nervously chuckled at her that he should bring a fruit cocktail instead.
  169. Galahad the Grasshopper Mouse was shown to have been displeased that Stinky claimed grasshopper mice aren't vicious upon his introduction.
  170. Tigger laughed that every time he wised a candle might blew up and two candles left. So he wished a banana split and Rabbit stop him from wishing a pogo stick. But just then a banana split did appeared and a candle blew.
  171. Butch was heading to the race until, he spot a restaurant and became hungry. As Butch getting ready to eat, he saw Droopy heading to the race. He’s on the hurry.
  172. Tabaqui saw Kala (thinking he was Bagheera) and told him that he’s ferocious. That made him, scare the jackal away.
  173. Mr. Nervous got his sprouts salad but, gets scared because, something in his salad then, Mr. Tickle revealed that it was an olive on his salad. Miss Naughty was upset, but Mr. Tickle tickles her.
  174. Meeper tries to warn the people in the pub. But they gasp because he door-smacked the Diva singer and he gets kick out again.
  175. Boomer and Dinky found the caterpillar in Willow Tweed’s flower pot. The chase is on, The caterpillar was trap in the glass of the Telephone Post. When Boomer peck the glass, they became electrocuted (the caterpillar was okay, but it booped).
  176. Barnyard Dawg deliberately throws a watermelon on an unsuspecting Foghorn Leghorn, who is done filing his nails, muttering to himself while thinking of the Dawg. Just as the Dawg goes to sleep, Foghorn deliberately spanks the Dawg with a paddle, angering the Dawg into chasing Foghorn, only the Dawg gets choked by the leash and falls. The Dawg now angrily barks at Foghorn, who then deliberately slaps the Dawg and walks away.
  177. Beast was making orange juice. He is good at squeezing oranges and made juice. Then he dropped the orange right into Hamilton.
  178. Oswald, Weenie, and Daisy went to the flower shop to get a vase. When Bingette Bunny has the fish-shaped vase, Daisy shouts “That’s it”, which made Bingette drop the vase and breaks it. She said the broken one’s the last one.
  179. Rabbit was making everything perfect for Thanksgiving. When Pooh and Piglet got the turkey, Rabbit says that the turkey is big. But, out of the sack turns out to be Eeyore and Tigger. Tigger grab a couple of cranberries (but yank Eeyore’s tail), and caused a wreck in Rabbit’s Thanksgiving.
  180. Tom brings a powder keg from the general store, hoping to get rid of Jerry once and for all. Jerry drills a hole in the bottom of the keg and the gun powder trickles out before Tom lights the fuse at the top. Panicked, Tom pushes the barrel into a water hole near the sheriff's office. But the fuse at the top is still burning and the keg explodes, destroying the Sheriff's office. The Sheriff angrily aims his six shooter at Tom and chases him out of town.
  181. It was SpongeBob’s turn, but he cannot even lift his anchor. He inflates his "Anchor Arms" to strengthen himself, but instead they explode, revealing him as a fraud. The fans, who witnesses this, cheers for Sandy instead of him. Sandy, angry and disappointed, sends SpongeBob to her treedom.
  182. Aviva teaches Zach a lesson by scaring him with the Tortuga Angry Mode.
  183. Shorty was sitting down until, Deputy Droopy put a lobster on the chair. The lobster pinched Shorty. When Slim sees this, he uses a glass bottle to trap Shorty’s voice (So the sheriff won’t hear the sound). He ran outside and let Shorty’s voice out of the bottle, and Shorty went outside too and saying Ouch many times.
  184. Bugs was pretending to be Elmer Fudd to trick the dog. The dog realized that he been tricked (his face turns purple in anger) and began to clobber that rabbit.
  185. Hamburger needs the movie to be perfect. But Daffy shows up and makes things even worse.
  186. The cat manages to survive, but he's still out to get Tweety. When he arrives at the top of the tree, he becomes a nest. Tweety attempts to get into it, but a hen, laying her eggs, causes him to get off. When she's finished, she flies off. The cat also arrives and his mouth is full of nothing but eggs.
  187. Pink Panther takes the fish to the movies. But the fish wasn’t allow because, there will be No Pets in the movie. So Pink Panther won’t led the fish down, he decided to hid the fish in the hat. When they get to the movies, the fish turns white means that he needs to breathe in water. So he jumped in the lady’s drink caused the lady to scream. As Pink Panther and the Fish ran out of the movies.
  188. Wally Llama was angry and decided to watch TV. When he saw commercial about Acme, The Warners appeared in the commercial and begging to him to answer his question. But Wally shouts “No! And Get out of my TV”.
  189. Meeko finds a compass from Smith’s bag and tried to crack it (because he thinks its food) and Smith wants it back.
  190. Buccaneer Sam spots a mermaid named Buttercup (Bugs in disguise), he loves on the mermaid and decides to kiss her. But he got fell in the ocean and got chased by a shark.
  191. Piglet managed to go outside in the wide by wearing some bricks on his feet (as Pooh, Rabbit, and Tigger watched). But the wind blew strongly at Piglet right under his armchair
  192. Ernie met a brazilian flower named Tootsie, who was very hungry. He said the oatmeal cookies are Bert’s. Tootsie was very frustrated, So Ernie decides to feed the cookies to Tootsie and saw that she grew. Bert didn’t pay any attention to Ernie, because he gave the mittens to Angel.
  193. Bugs tries to hide someplace, but the parrot tattletaled Sam that he’s in there. So Bugs hand the parrot a dynamite. When the dynamite explodes, the parrot is naked and states “Me and my big mouth” and faints.
  194. Elmer got arrested by the Sheriff for "indecent southern exposure". Before leaving the theater, a Bugs Bunny cartoon begins on the movie screen and the sheriff decides to stay and watch it. Elmer appears to get wise when the cartoon shows the scene where Bugs disguises himself as the sheriff. Elmer, thinking the sheriff is really Bugs, calls the sheriff an "impostor" and pulls off his clothes but finds out, to his surprise, he was really sitting next to the real sheriff. The furious sheriff proceeds to lead Elmer out of the theater with his shotgun.
  195. Kipper gets two ice cream cones, One for Kipper and One for Tiger. But he accidentally splat the ice cream right into Tiger’s face.
  196. Aviva sees the Mother crocodile scoops up the baby crocodiles into her jaws. She thinks she devouring the baby crocs, but Chris said that she’s carrying her babies in her jaws.
  197. Elmer then chases Bugs into the men's lounge, but Bugs rushes back out and replaces the sign with the sign from the ladies' lounge. Bugs reports Elmer to the usher who throws Elmer out again.
  198. Tigger says when they're done, they can celebrate with a picnic, and Rabbit's ears start to twitch because there’s going to be rain. Piglet realized that his dream came true and runs to his house.
  199. Blythe wasn’t sure about Zoe’s plan, until she caves after being forced to look at Zoe's ultimate weapon: puppy dog eyes. Blythe agreed and Zoe was excited.
  200. During the chase, Donkey bumped into Shrek, which causes the guards really scared of the big green ogre. The Captain of the Guard managed to tell Shrek about the Fairy Tale Outlaw and Farquad. Until the guards and the Captain retreats and flee in terror from Shrek.
  201. Miss Piggy, Andy, and Randy were now lost in the desert. A vulture appeared and told him that they’re going to be lunch for him.
  202. Aviva needs to hide the Pelican Disc from Chris and Martin, she hide in the bookshelf. But the Kratt Brothers spy on her and took the Pelican Disc.
  203. Jamie the Puffin was getting Thelma’s ball near Hercule Moustache’s cave. But the grumpy walrus caught him.
  204. Yves was showing the viewers “How to Make Casserole a la Roache”. When he call the animals to come and get it, a crowd of animals were devouring the casserole (even a lion and a tiger has Yves for lunch).
  205. At the end, Jake was stuck inside of the shell that Stinky bought for him. So Stinky tried to free his polar bear friend.
  206. Nelson’s tummy rumbled, he and Georgina could have bumbleberries just a little bit. When the giraffe and the elephant eat some bumbleberries, Reginald warn them that if they eat bumbleberries they get the hiccups. But Georgina and Nelson got the hiccups.
  207. A fox, an owl, and a snake arrived at the show and ready to eat the featured guest: Stanley the Mouse.
  208. After rescuing the Queen’s crown, Cookie realized that the Queen’s crown is made of cookies and began to devour the crown.
  209. Daisy was blowing her pool. Until Oswald, Weenie, and Pongo appeared and Pongo wants to help. But he blows the pool too hard that it blow up.
  210. Miss Daredevil build herself a rocket-chair and zoom to space (Mr. Grumpy states Crooked Cucumbers).
  211. After failing to hit Jerry with a catapult, he successfully sneaks in but has to keep hiding from the guards, accidentally knocking the arms off the Venus de Milo sculpture in the process (thus giving it its current appearance).
  212. Mr. Nervous gets eggs from a dinosaur nest but it really was a chicken coop.
  213. Mr. Messy was eating a hot dog in the cinema sitting next to Mr. Pernickety, and managed to eat the side of the bun, causing his hot dog to hit Mr. Persnickety, in turn leaving mustard on his face.
  214. After Shortbread Ward (Cookie Monster) married Belly, Bakeob made a cookie wedding cake. But Belly beginning to devour the cake as, Shortbread Ward begs her to control herself. But, she devoured the cake and Bakeob realized that Belly is now a yumpire.
  215. The sick SpongeBob goes to work and he sneezes. Mr. Krabs realized (that Gary told him) that he has the suds, so he orders SpongeBob to go home and get some rest, so he wouldn’t sneeze all over his food. But, the customers panicked and ran out of the Krusty Krab.
  216. Langster the Hunter tells George that he saw an “animal with a head of a lion, horns of a bull, feet of a wolf, and body of a snake”. George convince him that found a rabbit. But Langster was right, and the chase is on. They capture Prince Darling in the sack.
  217. Sylvester succeeds in eating Tweety at one point, but Granny takes him then to "puddy surgery"
  218. Tom finally found Jerry. But Jerry went to his mouse hole and roared like a lion, which made Tom scared and ran out of the castle.
  219. A soldier finds Sarah and fall in love with her. But Sarah was too busy writing her journal. As James told the soldier about her.
  220. Witch Hazel filled the carrot with sleeping potion to lure Bugs. When Bugs ate the carrot (and wonders If Hazel not such a bad old witch), Hazel trick him that the carrot is poison. Bugs got asleep as Hazel puts him in the pot to make Rabbit Stew.
  221. Koki continues walking through the prairie dog town. Although the squeaking sound irks her, she squeaks and jumps along with them.
  222. Tigger sneaks into Piglet's house while Piglet is sleeping and tickles his nose with a feather, causing him to sneeze and shoot his nosewarmer onto the ceiling. Tigger then deliberately wakes Piglet up and Piglet realizes his nosewarmer is gone.
  223. Mr. Fussy plays with Mr. Messy “Ticking Tomato” to see who wins. When they toss, Mr. Messy made a mess on Mr. Fussy’s Ticking Tomato. The Ticking Tomato buzzes means Mr. Fussy is out and Mr. Messy wins.
  224. Mr. Grumpy bumped into a bear. He and Mr. Bump got chased.
  225. Mr. Persnickety sits on a bench to wait for Miss Daredevil, he finds out the bench is part of a ride itself, and Mr. Rude sends him on it!
  226. Red Monkey reached to the island. He pretending to be dead because, his heart is gone. Crocodile managed to eat Monkey’s heart but he realized that the heart is the mango. Red Monkey teased Crocodile to eat the mango up. And Crocodile angrily chases the Monkeys.
  227. After running from the lions, Mr. Grumpy, Miss Helpful, and Mr. Scatterbrain got sunked in the quicksand.
  228. Beast tries to scare the Big Duck away. But the Big Duck scared the Beast.
  229. Nelson the Elephant helped Molly the Hippo to find Eddie. He find someone in the log, he thinks he got Eddie. But he got Alan the Aardvark who was trying to find termites.
  230. Mr. Bump was being the Tarantula Mascot but, frightened Miss Sunshine and Mr. Nervous. But, Mr. Grumpy who disappointed about tarantulas.
  231. Mr. Fussy sees the bad weather, while having a picnic with Mr. Stubborn. When, Mr. Stubborn says that he isn't sharing his egg salad sandwich to a killer whale.
  232. The Three Ducketeers gets on some stilts, but Marie-Marie unleashes the Royal Woodpecker on them.
  233. The Devil wants Little Cheeser to smoke Tobacco. But The Angel stop the tobacco smoking and scold the Devil and Little Cheeser to go to bed like Mother said she should. But That Crafty Devil tied the Angel.
  234. After completing the script, Olive gets a termination of employment notice from the front office, which reads "Your story of Aladdin is being thrown out...and so are you! [signed] Surprise."
  235. After the show, one of the ducklings fell out and fell in the drain pipe and bumped into a chicken. He landed in the apple cider and the chicken fell out from the pipe and she was naked, that she did the fan dance. But, the duckling got the drunken.
  236. When Beast sees the spider, he became scared, so Hamilton release the spider to nothing to fear the Beast.
  237. At the Reptile Show, Mr. Grumpy got a frilled lizard.
  238. The Pilgrim and the Turkey are both injured. The pilgrim decided to shoot the turkey with his gun. So, the turkey hops into the Fox Hole for shelter. But, the fox lives here and kicks him out.
  239. T.D. pick up a rock and decided to keep it and hide it from his mom. When his mom told him to put the picture, T.D. drop the rock and he got caught in the act.
  240. The duck is annoyed by the goat, in the end he blows a balloon (using a jar wrap), popping the balloon causing himself to disappear with nothing left but his hat that falls in a tub of water.
  241. Elmer made himself a steak with numerous hot spices and a cup of boiling hot coffee, but sets it on the table when he realizes he forgot the bread. The lion leaves the stuffed head slot to eat the steak (unaware it is coated with hot sauce), and when he tries to wash it down with the drink, he gets even hotter and blows fire, screaming. Going back to his hiding spot, Elmer wonders what happened to his steak.
  242. Waldorf wonders how Juliet Browse managed the trick, so Statler demonstrates it for him.
  243. Victor the Crocodile catch Doris the Duck and Toby the Turtle with his jaws. So Kevin can save his friends by biting Victor’s tail, causing Victor to scream and drop Doris and Toby. Victor takes revenge on Kevin, but bite his own tail, sending Kevin splashed into the river. The poor bully of a crocodile was defeated and went away.
  244. Jazz the Jaguar, Leopoldo, and Taco give up on scaring Adam the Armadillo. They decided to scare Adam’s friend, Annie. But a voice is heard “Did someone mention my name?” and it revealed that Annie was a true monster in the forest; a giant anaconda. Jazz, Leopoldo, and Taco retreats and flees in terror out of the forest, and yes Adam finally have a playdate with Annie (as they wonder why the trio were running from her).
  245. Bong was clean as a whistle and went to a party. After he slurps all the fruit, he saw another fruit bowl. He wants to get it, but bumped into the Waiter Flocker and made a mess.
  246. Hippo was snoozing, until a flame jumped into her fur. She panicked and jumped into the water. The animals see Hippo and realized that Hippo is hairless (as Lion told her it’s time to get out).
  247. The dog managed to get rid of the flea by making the cat scratch his back. But nearly get caught by his master, Elmer Fudd.